Dr. Shailla Vaidya


Physician | Yoga Therapist | Speaker |Writer

Meet Shailla

As a former ER and Family Doctor, I worked in many toxic and unsupportive environments that caused me to burn out and question why I went into medicine.

My yoga practice saved me. It helped me release the stress that had built up in my body. It helped clarify my initial intention to become a doctor – to bring Eastern Wisdom to Western Medicine.

It was time to do what I wanted. So I travelled to India to study Yoga Thera and Ayurveda, healing myself so I could heal others. 

When I came back, I started practicing Mind-Body Medicine. Research has been validating what the ancient yogis described thousands of years ago!

Rest, Reset, Rise! was born – a therapeutic yoga program for stress-related illness and burnout. 

Then in 2018, the Universe hit me on the head. I sustained a concussion. Once again, yoga saved me, helping me regulate my nervous system and fostering neuroplasticity. Then, I created the Reconnect Program for Concussion and Neuroinflammatory Disorders. 

Now, I teach how therapeutic Yoga, Self-Compassion, and Ayurveda can foster health and well-being through clinical training, workshops and speaking engagements.