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February 14, 2018

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June 2, 2019

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May The Force of Sankalpa Be With You in 2016.


It is that time when many of us set our resolutions for the New Year.


Having a resolution is a great way to make a positive change in your life. Building it into your life so it becomes a habit will help you achieve your goals. Focusing on the present, believing you can do it, and even envisioning yourself doing what you set out to do will help you get there. 


Easy, right? Well, some things are easier said then done.


Change requires discipline, and if our changes do not become habit, we might fall short of our goal. This may lead to feelings of frustration and failure which can make you start to doubt yourself, creating a negative downward spiral. Yikes!  

ICYMI - Master Jedi YoDa was a Master YoGa Acharya, a Guru!


If this sounds like your regular pattern, then "you must unlearn what you have learned." You may need the help of an old yoga trick called a Sankalpa


Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word meaning intention or resolve. It is a succinct positive, present moment statement, which often reflects your deepest most heartfelt desire.

It helps you focus. It helps you find the Force.

So if your resolution is to:
to exercise more
to lose 10 lbs
to get fit
to quit smoking

to treat yourself kindly …

…go deeper and ask your self why you want that for yourself? What is at the core of this desire? What will the result do?

It may be to feel better, to live healthier, or to be more compassionate to yourself, or even to save your Galaxy from evil.


Then go deeper again. Ask yourself what is it that makes THIS so important?

It may be that you want to:

  • BE healthy

  • feel more CONFIDENT

  • LOVE and accept and yourself

  • have LIGHTNESS triumph over DARKNESS on a personal and communal front 

  • feel SAFE

Then take that heartfelt desire and turn it into a present moment, succinct word or statement and focus on it.

So instead of "I want to be healthy," A positive succinct statement is “Healthy"

"I want to be more confident" becomes "Confident" 


Your word maybe be “Safe” It may be “Love.” It may be “Peace”  


This is your Sankalpa, your intention, your resolve. It reflects your deepest desire for yourself.


You may even want to turn these thoughts into Loving Kindness and Compassionate wishes for yourself:

“May I be healthy”

“May I be confident” 

‘May I feel love”

“May I be peaceful"

“May I be safe”


You can recite these wishes for yourself, for others, and for all sentient beings.


Make these words or phrases your mantra upon which to focus. Repeat it to yourself daily, especially when that inner voice starts to sway you away from the gym and towards the cookies. Focus on your Sankalpa during the day, during your work out, or when you meditate. Use your Sankalpa to find the Force with in you. Believe it.


May the Force be with you in 2016.


Dr. V - the Yoga MD



Photos - All were taken from the internet. I have no rights to use these photos, but am hoping that if someone comes after me that they see this as free advertising.

With Gratitude, Dr V.

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