Dr. V on the Beach with arms above head, hands in prayer position


Rediscover Your Self after Burnout, Injury, or Illness

Part 1 - Release and Rest!

Module 1 - Introduction

We review the topic of Stress, Resilience (what it is and what it ISN'T) and Burnout. We will also review the process of yoga, and begin our practice through the body, breath and mind!

three arrows turning in a green circle, representing a cycle with stress written in the middle

Module 2 | The Stress Cycle

We review the new science of Stress, and how it affects us in Burnout. Then we will discuss how yoga-based techniques can help us feel like ourselves again.

Person in green with a depleted Battery over there back

Module 3 | Burnout and Beyond

We explore the science of human function and how we came to be so exhausted in systems that do not support us. Our yoga practice will help us release stress and rest!

Part 2 - Relate and Reset!

Two arms bear hugging a heart

Module 4 | Self-Compassion is a Lifesaver

We practice the skill of self-compassion.  It will save your life!

Four faces expressing different emotions, happy, sad, frustration, and fear

Module 5 | What we can FEEL we can HEAL

They say the only way over is through. This module will give you a road map to navigate your path.

two people shoulder to shoulder two each other with a sad face above them

Module 6 | Challenges in Relationships

Sarte said, "Hell is other people" Do you agree? In this module, we continue on the road to healing, learning how to cope with challenges that arise in relationships when our energy is depleted. 

Part 3 - Re-align and Rise!

Persoin in the middle of a circle, surrounded by another circle with 8 spokes coming off of it

Module 7| Channeling your Energy

We only have so much energy. So how do we spend it? In this module, we will dive into how we can expend our energy smarter instead of harder.

A heart in the middle of by 3 circles

Module 8 | Reunion

We look at our values and what gives us purpose, so we can rebuild our lives in a way that serves our well-being.

Module 9 | Rise!

In our final module, we will bring together all we have learned, rising as a more authentic version of our Self!