Rest, Reset, Rise!

A Yoga-based program to get BETTER after burnout

Helping Professionals
are the most RESILIENT people I know

Every day, we bear witness to the trauma of the world as we work to improve the lives of others.
Mostly, we do this in poorly funded, high-pressure, and even toxic environments that leave us no time to recover from the physiologic effects of stress. We often suffer secondary and vicarious trauma, moral injury, and moral distress. It is no wonder so many of us are feeling burned out, if not exploited.

This program seeks to give back to those who give so much to the lives of others.
Based on the ancient practice of yoga, the science of human function, and the power of self-compassion, this program will take you on a transformational journey so you can live your best life!

I am on a mission to help you . . .

create a safe place to land and rest

become mindful of your own physiological response to stress so you can best complete the stress cycle and regain your energy

experience the power of self-compassion

help you get your life back!

About the Program

This course is based on what I learned from my own journey recovering from stress and burnout. I get it, because I went through it.

I know how exhausting it can be.

This program combines the latest on stress physiology and yoga therapy to help you release stress, reset, and rise from burnout!

This 9 module program can be done over 9 weeks or even 9 months, whatever time frame you need! 

Each module has gentle restorative yoga asana practices, breathing practices to reset the nervous system, and reflective practices to guide you through transforming into your best self. 


But wait! I have never done yoga!

No Problem! This slow restorative practice is accessible and adaptable. 

Yoga is NOT about the pose, it's about the process.

 If you can lie down or sit in a chair, you can do this program!

Image of a doctor taking a break, supported by bolsters, sand bags, and an eye mask

When will I find the time?

Let's face it - none of us have extra time! If we did, we probably wouldn't be burnt out!

Our better app allows you to access this program from your phone or tablet where ever you are - at home, the call room or lounge, even while you are waiting for your kids at practice or a game!  

Just put on your headphones, exhale, and zone in for 5, 10, or even 15 minutes!

You can also print out the handouts to read and give your eyes a break from the screen.

This program has been designed for what best suits you!

Image of the Better app by Practice better

Burnout has three components...

Emotional Exhaustion - Exhausted from taking on everyone else's problems!

De-personlization and Cynicism - Feeling numbed out and negative about work

Loss of Sense of Accomplishment and Personal Efficacy - No job satisfaction and finding it hard to work effectively under impossible conditions

Does this sound familiar? 

Then join us

The Course

Part 1 - Release and Rest

The first part of the program helps you release physical and emotional exhaustion to restore your energy.

Module 1 - Introduction

We will review concepts based in yoga philosophy, including mindfulness as well simple breathing techniques and relaxation practices to ease us into the program.

Module 2 - The Issues Live in the Tissues

We will review the stress response and why we feel the way we do. Then we will practice releasing stress from the body so we can rest and digest, and be calm and clear.

Module 3 - Burnout and Beyond

We all know what it like is to work in under-staffed, under-funded systems that do not support us. It's hard because we feel that moral obligation to our patients. But without support, it can be distressing and can leave us injured. In this model we will review why that is and what we can do about it. 

Part 2 - Relate and Reset

When we burn out, we often become numb to our own feelings and needs. If we do not have we cannot give. In this part, we learn how to give back to ourselves, and set boundaries with others. 

Module 4 - Self-Compassion is a Lifesaver!

Self-compassion changed my life. It can save yours! In this module we will practice self-compassion for the body, with the breath, and through our mind.

Module 5 - What you can FEEL, you can HEAL

So much stress comes from our emotional responses, and our responses can contribute to our stress. In this module, we will take a deeper dive, practice what we have learned, and break cycles that no longer serve us. 

Module 6 - Hell is other People

There are no truer words than these words of Sartre. In this module we will review a strategy for dealing with others and creating our own sanctuary from other peoples fires. 

Part 3 - Realign and Rise!

 The third part of the program address the loss of our sense of accomplishment and personal efficacy. When we are no longer focused on what we care about, we can easily feel like we are not accomplishing what we set out to do. This part of the program will help us refocus on what is important to us so we can carry it forward.

Module 7 - Channeling your Energy

What we do day to day effects how we feel. In this session, we will review our daily obligations and see how we can restore ourselves in times of need.

Module 8 - Re-Union

Yoga is the process of reuniting with our true self. In this module, we reflect on our purpose, values, and other aspects that give our lives meaning.

Module 9 - Becoming

In our final module, we will out everything together, so we can realign and rise to become the best version of ourselves!

What's included

Course Content

Each module has 40 min of recorded restorative yoga asana and breathing practice, as well as a 10 - 20 minute meditation tailored to the week. Expect about 1 hour per week. (Total 9 hours)

Weekly readings  and audiobook/mp3 recordings so you can either read or sit back and listen where ever you are! 

Some weeks there are short videos to explain key concepts, and worksheets for your own self-study. (About 1 hour per week. (Total 9 hours)


There will be an option to add on a weekly coaching call to help you stay on track, review the material, and connect with others who get it!

You will also get

Access to a secure feed where you can connect and chat with others in your course cohort! 

Activity tracker via the app, to help you log your progress and follow your achievements! 

Remember REST is part of the Protocol!

Our Course Platform

Your privacy is protected! Our course platform is HIPAA/PHIPA/PIPDA compliant and is available on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone via the Better app. 

This course is valued at $1999
I know the past few years have been tough, so
I am offering the self-learn version for $299!

This course is for you if:

You are a Licensed Healthcare or Helping Professional (such as a teacher) suffering from burnout or stress related to work, family, and other relationships

You may have stress related symptoms such as fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disturbance, weight gain, high blood pressure, pre- or current metabolic syndrome, depression, or anxiety

You are are ready and willing to make changes in your life

You are able to sit, or lay on a mat on the floor, and practice gentle mindful movement without excessive pain (practices can also done in a chair)

You are want to practice yoga at least once a week for about 40 min, and take 10 to 20 minutes out of your day to review the material or practice techniques. 

The next course will start at the last week of September/first week of October. It will run in cohorts so you can chat with the same group of people as you go through each module. 

If you sign up in advance, you will have access to some pre-course goodies and the first few modules, so that you can do the course on your own time!

Please Note:

This group is not a substitute for individual psychotherapy, nor is it individual medical advise. Though I am a doctor, this course does not establish a doctor patient relationship between myself or any of the participants.

Continuing Education Credits

This course is a total of 27 hours and it may qualify for continuing education credits through your professional body.

Dr. Vaidya has incorporated her background in Health Management, Leading Change, and Quality Improvement throughout the course. So not only does this course help you get your life back, but it also meets the following CanMEDS proficiencies:

  • Medical Expert: Compassion for self and patient; self- awareness
  • Communicator: Compassionate listening, sustaining empathy; therapeutic relationship with patients and families
  • Collaborator: Communities of practice; conflict resolution and management
  • Leadership: Complexities of systems; leading change; personal leadership skills; time management
  • Health Advocacy: Continuous quality improvement; social accountability 
  • Scholar: Personal learning plan; self-improvement
  • Professional: Compassion and caring; insight; professional boundaries; respect for diversity; career development and career transitions; mindful and reflective approaches to practice; resilience for sustainable practice; responsibility to the self, including persona; care to serve others

This course may be followed by the Mindful Self-Compassion Program (9 weeks) OR the Self Compassion For Health Care Communities Program (a 6-hour Intensive version of MSC designed for Healthcare), or the Live Well Lifestyle Medicine Education Series for those interested.

Looking for testimonials? 

Sorry, as a Licensed Healthcare Professional, I cannot advertise or post testimonials. 

But I stand by this evidence-based information, and participant tested process!