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Reconnect with yourself and your colleagues

It is no secret that the medical profession is stressed and overwhelmed. We need to care for ourselves as we care for others. Book the afternoon off and come for retreat with your clinic! Take the opportunity to rest and gain skills to help cope with burnout and empathic distress. 


These 3-hour retreats will allow you and your colleagues to release stress, rest and revitalize! We will:


  • Review the factors that contribute to Burnout

  • Mindfully move to understand where we hold stress

  • Experience the Relaxation Response and other techniques to release stress

  • Practice Self-Compassion meditations to restore ourselves

  • Learn how the practice of Compassionate Listening can help us provide care to our patients, while soothing our own Empathic Distress and Prevent Burnout. 


The program can also be tailored to meet your clinic’s needs. Programs can also be run in conjunction with other clinics to better suit your clinic’s coverage.


Cost: OHIP + $60/per person (to cover non-insured services)

If you are interested - contact our office or send in a referral form!

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