Concussion Recovery Program

This 9-week course will combine the neuroplastic effects of the Mind-Body practice Yoga, with the science of brain recovery, optimal nutrition and other scientifically based tips to help those recovering from Concussion.


As a former ER Doctor and Family Doctor who sustained a concussion, Dr. Vaidya understands the frustration, lack of clear information, obstacles to wellness, and isolation that can come with a mild Traumatic Brain Injury.


The goal of the course is to:

  • connect together as people living with Persistent Concussion Symptoms.

  • practice concussion appropriate yoga to improve symptoms, foster neuroplasticity and brain healing.

  • discuss research on lifestyle and nutrition best practices for brain health.

  • understand our nervous system and how we can best improve our function, physically, emotionally, and within our relationships.

  • Employ techniques from mindfulness, and compassion focused therapy, as well as dialectical and cognitive behaviour therapy to help cope with difficulties.

  • support each other as we travel this brave new world with a Traumatic Brain Injury. 

When: Mondays afternoons, Starting January 6th, 2020 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

Where: 1466 Bathurst St, Suite 306 (SW corner of St. Clair W and Bathurst St) Toronto ON. Ontario patients outside of Toronto may be able to join the group online via the Ontario Telehealth Network.

To Register:

Please fill out the REFERRAL FORM and have your Family Doctor/Specialist FAX it to us at 416-536-3352


1.All applicants will need to be referred by their Family Doctor, Neurologist, or Allied Health Provider.

2 Assessments will be conducted to ensure suitability for the course. No assessments will be done with out a referral.


Cost: OHIP + additional fees for handouts (approximately $80)

*Participants who miss more than one session will need to cover the cost of the missed time according to the following OHIP fee schedule: Missed Class: $80.00

Once accepted into the group, payment can be made via interac e-transfer to or via the adjacent paypal button .


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