Burnout & Empathy Fatigue in Helping Professionals and Caregivers

As a fellow helping professional, I can understand and relate to the stress that you experience in your day to day life.


Working in a dysfunctional healthcare system or social system, feeling responsible for other people’s lives, working with challenging patients and colleagues – it all builds up. Add in the effects of sleep deprivation, the stress of managing your personal and family life, and you have a recipe for burnoutempathy fatigue, empathic distress, and moral injury!


You may have chosen your career to help other people, but the distress may make you think twice about your profession.

Have faith! I can help you learn techniques to recover from stress and build resilience, so you can live the life you intend.

Many Helping Professionals have also benefited from Dr. Vaidya's signature program the Yoga of Burnout Recovery Stress Resilience Program, and the Mindful Self-Compassion Program.

Appointments can be made by referral from your Primary Care Provider.


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