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Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodhah

Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodhah

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 1.2

Citta - Mind
Vritti - the influences of the mind
Nirodha - to cease

The Eastern Psychology of Yoga is the process of steading the mind through the body via the breath.

It is an ancient practice dating back 5000 thousand years, and modern scientific research is validating its benefits for improving our health and wellbeing.

Yoga Class

We heal in connection

Yoga - from the Sanskrit "yuj"
to yoke, to unite, to connect

Chronic stress can leave us feeling exhausted and isolated in our experience. Knowing we are not alone and connecting with others who share our reality, can help us move forward in our healing journey.

Dr. Vaidya's therapeutic group yoga programs harness the power of community to help you reconnect with yourself and your well-being.

Rest, Reset, Rise! Burnout Recovery for Helping Professionals will be coming online this Fall!

svastha yoga therapy

Yoga as Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the application of the practices of Yoga to empower individuals to progress towards greater health and freedom from disease.

While Mindfulness has taken the medical world by storm, it is just one part of the transformative process of yoga. There is so much more that can be applied therapeutically to improve health.

Learn how to use evidence-based practices of therapeutic yoga to help your patients improve their function and achieve wellbeing.

Doctor Vaidya

Meet Dr. Vaidya

Compassion-it Change Agent

My name is Dr. Shailla Vaidya and it is my goal to help you rest, reset, and rise again. I am a former Emergency and Family Doctor, with personal experience healing from chronic stress, burnout, and concussion. Now, my mission is to take what I have learned on my journey and to help you get your life back.

By combining the science of Western Medicine with the Eastern practice of Yoga, I work to help you understand your physiology, your natural responses, and how you can recover from the effects of stress. The good news is science is proving what the ancient yogis have known for centuries!


The Yoga MD