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Dr. Shailla Vaidya

As a former ER and Family Doctor, I have personal experience with burnout and chronic illness.

My healing journey led me back to my roots to rediscover the wisdom of my ancestors.

Now, I share that knowledge to guide you on your healing journey.

Yoga is the process of steadying the mind, through the body, via the breath.

Burnout Recovery

Based on the science of stress and Yoga, Dr. Vaidya’s signature program Rest, Reset, Rise! will help you regain your energy so you can feel like yourself again!

Sitting on the beach in Lotus Position arms raised up in Anjali Mudra/Prayer Position

Yoga as Therapy

While mindfulness has taken the medical world by storm, it is just one part of the transformative process of Yoga.

Learn how to use evidence-based therapeutic yoga as mind-body medicine to help your patients improve their function and well-being.


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Yoga is the journey of the Self,
through the Self,
to the Self.

– The Bhagavad Gita

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